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ScentsualScentsual by Victoria Blisse
* I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Scentsual is a femdom story written by leading erotic author Victoria Blisse and set in the seaside town of Scarborough… Kelly is dominant and has a heightened sense of smell, so many of her memories, thoughts and feelings revolve around scents. She meets Rob on a trip to Scarborough and seduces him; their lust is instant but is Rob the submissive man Kelly really needs to fall in love with? This excellent title from House of Erotica has been specially formatted for today’s e-readers.

From the moment Kelly steps off the train she is assaulted with the familiar scents of Scarborough; the smells instantly relax her and she is transported back to her childhood.  While wondering around town reflecting on her life she is assaulted by the scent of leather, citrus and cinnamon.

Rob is in town for the day and is immediately drawn to Kelly.  He didn’t set out looking for a woman, much less a dominant one but he is intrigued by Kelly.  He is both turned on and embarrassed by some of the things that are expected of him but he isn’t ready to walk away from Kelly.

This was a sexy story that takes the reader on a sensual journey so descriptive that they feel they are right there.  Kelly is so attuned to the scents around her and they enhance all aspects of her life, especially her sex life.  I love the fact that she knows who she is and is secure in her body.   She is a dominant that requires a committed submissive, she finds that in Rob.

Overall I enjoyed the story and give Scentsual 3½ Flaming Hearts.  3.5 Hearts


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Finally My LoveFinally, My Love (Internet Romance #1) by Kate Richards
* I received a copy of this book from Breathless Press in exchange for an honest review*

Amelia Staker meets her Internet lover, John Quincy, for the first time in the flesh. After a year of seeing John only through webcam, she’s ready to show him a good time. Without a moment to waste, Amelia is prepared for two weeks with John—alone, with no computer screens between them—until the elevator puts a hold on those plans. Stuck in a darkened cab, their imaginations run hotter than their online trysts. Can this romance translate into a permanent future? Or will she send him packing?

Amelia is finally going to meet John, her internet lover after a year of online dating.  She is nervous about meeting John and hopes that he won’t be disappointed when he finally sees her.  She is excited to show him her city and can’t believe her luck when they get stranded in the elevator of her apartment building.

John has hedged his bets where Amelia is concerned.  He has already made plans with his partner to buy him out so he can move out to California and be with her.  He has been in love with her since the beginning and is tired of having a cyber-relationship.  He is ready for the real thing.

Their first face to face meeting was not what either of them expected but they decided to take full advantage of the time they were stranded in the elevator.  Let’s just say they fantasies were fulfilled.  John was such a gentleman when he took command with the repairmen and got her out of there to avoid embarrassment.

This was a sexy story about a first meeting between cyber lovers and it didn’t disappoint.  They have known each other for a year so they have had plenty of time to get to know each other and fall in love.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a little of the author and her husband in this story since they met on line years over ten years ago.

I finally got to read the first story in Kate Richard’s Internet Dating series, after reading the second (Perfect Partners) and third (Devils and Angels) installments.  I enjoyed Finally My Love and give it 4 Flaming Hearts.  4 Hearts

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The Asylum Interviews - TrixieThe Asylum Interviews: Trixie (Prequel #2) by Jocelynn Drake
*A review copy of this book was received from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*

The second of two prequel stories to Jocelynn Drake’s Angel’s Ink.

Gage’s ex-girlfriend is back in town and needs help escaping a master vampire. While not the easiest of tasks, he certainly didn’t count of getting help from a mysterious woman with a few secrets of her own.

Gage’s tattoo business is growing and he is looking to add another artist to his shop.  When the mysterious woman walks in looking for a job, he never expected it to lead to a showdown with a master vampire.

Trixie is new in town and she has her own secrets.  She needs Gage’s help to save their mutual friend Jo from a master vampire.  She uses her need for a job to get her foot in the door.  Once there she has to convince Gage that he is the only one that can help save Jo.

Gage tries to stay below the radar as much as possible and going after a master vampire is sure to draw attention to him.  He knows he can’t turn his back on Jo, even though he didn’t even know she was back in town.  All he has to do is figure how to get her out, when she says she’s fine.

This is the second short novella in the Asylum Tales series and can be read as a stand-alone before Angel’s Ink.  It is action packed and full of interesting characters, including favorites Gage and Bronx.  I loved the addition Jo and Trixie to the mix.

Trixie was an interesting addition to the mix; she’s smart, strong and loyal to her friends.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to save Jo from the master vampire.  She is also mysterious and has some secrets of her own so she fits right in with Gage and Bronx.

Jo is Gage’s ex and she’s back in town.  She is living with a master vampire that doesn’t treat her good but she’s ok with that.  She has her reasons why she doesn’t want anyone to interfere on her behalf.

Overall I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read Angel’s Ink.  I give The Asylum Tales: Trixie 4 Flaming Hearts.  4 Hearts

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Boots & Bareback #3Boots and Bareback (Ugly Stick Saloon #3) by Myla Jackson
* I purchased a copy of this book for my personal library*

Isabella Severs’s life is a shambles. When her fiancé dumped her, he took the horse she’d raised from a colt, and she wants him back. The horse, not the fiancé. Though she’s scrounging every penny working at the Ugly Stick Saloon, there’s no way she’s going to make enough to buy Sundance back before he’s put up for auction.

Until Old Man O’Brien makes her an offer she can’t refuse. One night of stripping for his son Jesse’s bachelor party, and all her problems will be solved.

Sean, Gabe and Tanner aren’t interested in settling with any one girl—until Isabella’s eye-popping performance on a mechanical horse gets their blood pumping. She’s perfect: sexy as hell, and well-suited to ranch life.

Yet as the brothers vie for her attention, they discover there’s a vulnerable woman beneath the sass. And instead of a winner-gets-the-girl competition, they find themselves joining forces to convince her she’s worthy of the love of a good man…or three.

Warning: Pull up a saddle. This is one erotic ride you won’t want to miss. Three hot cowboys, one sexy cowgirl and a mechanical horse that gives a whole new meaning to riding bareback. Caution—stock up on ice and bring your vibrator, this one’s gonna make ccyou burn!

Isabella has lost the most important thing in the world to her, her horse.  She lost her job as a horse trainer when her finance’ dumps her.  Their sexual encounters have left her unsatisfied and doubting her ability to experience the big “O”.  While working at the Ugly Stick Saloon, she meets the O’Brien boys and her life is turned upside down.

Sean, Gabe and Tanner are all sexy single men that have fallen for the same woman.  Their father sets up the “entertainment” for their brother’s bachelor party and they are lost.  Each one has an agenda of their own but none of them are making any headway with her.  The three of them have to come to grips with the fact that Isabella is in love with all of them and doesn’t want to separate them.  They have to find a way to show her that everything will work out or they may lose her.

Isabella’s life has fallen apart on her; she has lost her job, her horse and her finance in one fell swoop.  She doubts her sexuality and with the help of Sean, Gabe and Tanner she is learning that maybe the issues were her finances, not hers.  She is torn though because she has fallen in love with all three of them and is worried that she will come between them.  She has to come to terms with her feelings and let them know how she feels or she will have to walk away.

The scenes with her and the guys steam up the pages of the book.  I loved the scene with them by the lake, very sexy.  They are good together and although they don’t have a conventional relationship, it works for them.  Their father loves her and is happy that his plan worked.

Overall I enjoyed Boots and Bareback and give it 4 Flaming Hearts.   4 Hearts

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