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 And She Liked It by Voirey Linger
* I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

A six-foot-plus mountain of sexiness is trying to seduce Janie and doing a damn good job of it. Just one problem…her husband is watching the whole thing. To her surprise, Edward has no problem with his wife being seduced. In fact, he’s encouraging it. They share a deep love, but the mindless lust that drove them as a new couple has been missing for a while. And Paul is just the man to bring heat back into their marriage. Edward knows if Janie is brave enough to allow Paul to join them, she just might like it.

When Janie and Edward were married he agreed to her terms, an open marriage.  She has never wanted to take advantage of that option but now Edward is giving her the opportunity to indulge in her fantasies with his business partner Paul.  Janie loves her husband but she is afraid that their relationship will change if she gives in to Paul. She never expected her encounter with another man to spice up her and Edward’s love life so much.

Janie was surprised that Edward agreed to her request for an open marriage.  She loves him but was afraid that things would get stale and she would get bored.  Since their marriage she has never wanted to stray, Edward has always taken care of her.  Their relationship has become comfortable, missing that spark.

Janie is attracted to Paul but doesn’t want to be.  She is conflicted about her feelings and is surprised that Edward is willing to let her be with another man, while he watches.  The whole encounter in Edward’s study is designed for Janie’s pleasure, it’s also about self-discovery.  Janie finds that she is extremely turned on by the idea of her husband watching.

The encounter between Paul and Janie is very sexy.  I like the fact that Edward kept everything contained to his office and didn’t let Paul invade their “personal space”.  It made the after affects between Edward and Janie even hotter when Paul left them.  I loved his parting quip, it leaves the option open for him or someone else to join them again.

Overall I enjoyed this “Quickie” and give And She Liked It 3½ Flaming Hearts.   


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Under a Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands
*A review copy of this book was received from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*

When Vampires Go On Vacation . . .

Escaping a horrible marriage, Carolyn Connor has no desire to think about men—a vow she’s determined to keep while on vacation in St. Lucia. She’ll take the Caribbean sun and sea and plenty of tropical drinks with those cute umbrellas poolside, thank you. She absolutely does not need male company, no matter how tan and rock-hard his body may be.

Easy enough, but then Carolyn meets the charming Marguerite Argeneau, who is infamous among her family for her matchmaking prowess . . .

Christian Notte has well known the power of finding a life mate. He’s seen enough of his Argeneau relatives taken down for the count, but he never imagined he’d let himself fall in love—until he meets the enthralling, charmingly skittish, and oh-so-mortal Carolyn. But how will he reveal what he is and still convince this once-bitten mortal to trust him with her heart . . . and her forever?

Carolyn is on a much needed vacation with her friend Bethany at the resort their friend Genie works at.  She is going through a bad divorce that has left her lacking self-esteem.  The only problem, the resort is full of honeymooning couples, including Marguerite and Julius Notte and Bethany has been sick so Carolyn is left on her own.  She never dreamed her world would change when she accepted the offer to dine with Marguerite and Julius on her first night there.

Christian and his band were called in to help Genie out at the resort.  His mother realized that his life mate was on the island and it was the perfect excuse to get him there.  With the help of his cousin Gia and his family he sets out to gain the trust of his life mate.  The only catch, she thinks she is acting as his “beard” around his family.  It gets harder and harder to keep up the charade the more time he spends with Carolyn because she makes him laugh and he enjoys her company.

I loved Carolyn.  She’s an older woman that has real life experience, even if it wasn’t the best.  She has had to overcome so much to get to where she is now and with Christian’s help, she will have finally have the life she deserves.  It was nice to see her grow and become comfortable in her own skin.  I do think she accepted Christian’s explanation a little too easy; he should’ve had to work at it a little more.

Christian is one of my favorite of Marguerite’s sons.  He is super sexy, yet he has to play a gay guy in order to get his life mate to trust him.  She has a serious issue with the age difference but doesn’t realize how much older he really is.  These two had some great moments that had me laughing out loud, they are super-hot together too.

One of my favorite things about this book was that a lot of my favorite characters made an appearance without getting in the way of the main story with Christian and Carolyn.   The secondary characters just enhanced their story.  The setting was beautiful and Captain Jack was hilarious.  The story may have been full of humor but it also had plenty of steam to satisfy everyone.

Overall I really enjoyed this installment and can’t wait to read the next one.  I give Under a Vampire Moon 4 Flaming Hearts. 

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Biker Babe in Black by Debra Kayn
* I received a copy of this book from Breathless Press in exchange for an honest review*

With her long hair flying, her leather studded purse swinging, she marched away from him and rode off on a Harley Davidson…and Remy wanted her.

Cursed with bad luck, and a stubbornness that gets her nowhere, Margarine Butter wants to shed her biker gypsy lifestyle for a white picket fence and a permanent address. When Remy offers her employment, she gambled with her desire for a new life and her attraction to the millionaire. Could she keep her distance and her identity secret long enough to secure her future?

Business conglomerate, Remington Montgomery, couldn’t believe the sexy waitress with the long blonde hair turned his money down after he accidentally got her fired from her job. So, when she whacked him with her leather studded purse and rode off on a Harley Davidson, he wanted to learn more about the woman who was not impressed by the size of his wallet. But would the price of loving her be his downfall?

Margarine “Margie” Butter has been dreaming of owning her own home for as long as she can remember.  She has the worst luck though and keeps losing her jobs; she’ll never save enough money at this rate.  Now the sexy stranger she ran into at the diner has cost her not one but two jobs and he wants to make it up to her.   The job pays well and the perks aren’t too bad either.

Remy is shocked to see the blond beauty get on her Harley and ride out of his life after he tries to help her.  He can’t stop thinking about her and their second run in, while stuck in an elevator, sends him on a search to find her. Now that he has her in his home, he just needs to convince her to give them a shot.

This book was such a surprise for me.  I have had it for a while and when I sat down to read it; I couldn’t believe I had waited so long.  Margie is not your typical heroine, she’s the daughter of the leader of Chromes and Wheels motorcycle gang.  She has grown up on the road surrounded by her “family” and just wants to have a place to call her own.  If it wasn’t for bad luck she would have no luck at all and Remy didn’t help matters.

She and Remy are from two different worlds but Remy’s character also surprised me.  He is extremely rich and can have anything or anyone he wants but he isn’t pretentious.  He is down to earth, doesn’t care what people think about him and does what he wants to do.  He doesn’t care who Margie’s parents are or that she grew up in a motorcycle gang, he is willing to do whatever it takes to make her his.

There are so many moments in this short story that had me laughing out loud, like the fountain scene.  I loved when her “family” all showed up at Remy’s during their dinner party and things went downhill from there.  The ending was absolutely perfect and my favorite part of the whole book.

Overall this was another fabulous book by Debra Kayn and I can’t wait to read book two in this series.  I give Biker Babe in Black 4 Flaming Hearts. 

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First Time, Forever by KC Burn
* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Derrick and Trevor used to have an incredibly passionate relationship, full of spontaneity and sizzle. Now that their son is off to college, they want to put their days of routine, vanilla sex behind them and bring back some of that spark.

Realizing that they’re empty-nesters, Trevor begins to notice their age difference. He suddenly feels old and unsure of himself, and isn’t confident Derrick still desires him. When Trevor decides to keep his health issues and gray hairs down there to himself, Derrick is hurt by his partner’s secretive behavior and thinks Trevor must be having an affair.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but Trevor doesn’t know how to communicate his fears to his partner. He desperately wants to reconnect with Derrick and rev up their sex life, but will it be enough to reclaim their marital bliss?

Derrick and Trevor have fallen into a routine since Luke moved in with them.  Now that Luke is off to college, Derrick hopes to rekindle some of the spark that he had Trevor had in the beginning of their relationship.  Things aren’t going according to plan and Derrick starts to wonder if Trevor is still in love with him.

Derrick has been working long hours trying to finish up his latest install because he is ready for some time with his husband but Trevor seems to be avoiding him.  He is worried that Trevor doesn’t find him attractive and doesn’t want to be with him anymore.  He is at his wits end when comes up with a list ditch plan involving an antique red couch to spark their love life.  He hopes that his surprise is enough to spark Trevor’s interest.

Trevor is almost forty and is starting to feel his age.  His doctor has advised him that he needs to make some lifestyle changes and he is afraid to tell Derrick.  He even found some grey hairs that a good waxing would take care of, he just didn’t anticipate the rash the hot wax would cause.  He and Derrick seem to be growing further and further apart and he doesn’t know what to do about it.  He just wants his husband back.

Trevor did everything he could to keep his new diet from Derrick because he was afraid Derrick would think he was getting old.  In some ways, it seemed like he was ashamed because he couldn’t be youthful and carefree anymore.  He even increased his workout time so he could stay fit.  I loved the scene when he got his first Brazilian wax, it was too funny but you could still sympathize with him.  How many people would’ve done the same thing?

Derrick had some of the same problems.  Their sex life consisted of vanilla sex on Saturday nights while Luke lived under their roof.  He hoped that now that Luke was in college, he and Trevor could resume a more active sex life.   His late hours working on his current project weren’t helping matters either, often times Trevor was already asleep when he got home from work.  After a visit to Trevor’s antique store, he spots an antique red sofa that reminds him of their early years together.  The scene with the red couch was so hot the pages were scorching my fingers.

These two are a typical married couple experiencing empty nester syndrome.  They are both getting older and now that they are alone in the home, they are starting to doubt their appeal to each other.  They are still in love with each other but are having problems with their communication.  Both are still in love with each other they just don’t know what to do to get the spark back.

I loved this story.  It didn’t matter to me that the main couple consisted of two males; they were just a typical married couple.  They have been together a long time and have grown complacent and comfortable with each other, which is typical.  Many married couples go through the same exact things that Trevor and Derrick are experiencing.  As we age, we all seem to question our desirability to our partners and wonder if we are still loved.

Overall I really enjoyed this story and give First Time, Forever 4 Flaming Hearts. 

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Reluctant Muse by Victoria Blisse
* I received this ARC free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Carrie is a shy student who works in a fast food joint to make ends meet. Her boss is a bully and she meets Jamie when he stands up for her. She’s got terrible self-esteem problems, but Jamie is an artist and wants to paint her naked. He’s also a dominant and he wants to play with her submissive side. Can Carrie overcome her fears and the ghosts of her past to fully give in to Jamie? This excellent short story from award-winning author Victoria Blisse has domination and submission themes and has been specially formatted for today’s ebook readers.

Carrie has problems with her self-confidence and doesn’t find herself attractive at all.  She thinks she is overweight and that no one man would desire her.  When she started working at the burger place she never expected to find someone like Jamie.  He stood up for her when her boss was bullying her and tried to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

She can’t believe that Jamie is attracted to her and wants to paint her, nude none the less.  She seems ashamed of her body and doesn’t think she is sexy.  Jamie hopes to change that, he wants her to see herself the way he sees her, beautiful.  With his help, she slowly gains self-confidence and learns to stand up for herself.

Carrie also lacks intimate experience and Jamie has a plan to remedy that.  He is a dominant at heart and thinks that Carrie will make the perfect sub for him.  Because she lacks sexual experience, she is able to enjoy her time with Jamie without worrying about social convictions.  She is stunned when she sees his drawings of her; the girl in the drawings is beautiful.

This story is one that a lot of people can relate to because a lack of self-confidence is a common thing.  It was nice to witness not only Carrie’s growth but Jamie’s as well.  He had his own issues with his family.

They were a well matched pair and the sexual chemistry was evident from the beginning.  I love that the story focused on the main characters with just a few secondary characters that added to the story.  I loved the scene where Carrie stands up for herself with her boss.

Overall I enjoyed this story and give Reluctant Muse 4 Flaming Hearts. 

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Lust in the Library by Amelia Fayer
*A review copy of this book was viewed from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*

Some like it hot, and some like it in the reference section   

Sara is having a love affair with books. But, since books can’t make love to you, it means she’s in the middle of a very long dry spell. Until a sexy Brit shows up. Suddenly she’s learning just how stimulating a library can be—up against a bookcase, behind the card catalog, on the circulation desk . . .

Meanwhile, Veronica is incredibly frustrated. While Sara and her new man are using the library as their personal adult playground, she’s stuck with only her thesis and her sexual fantasies. But Andrew, her crush, isn’t above using his . . . assets to get Veronica right where he wants her: alone, in a darkened corner of the stacks.

Who knew reading could be this pleasurable?

Part 1:

Sara has been going through a dry spell but that may be over if she can get the courage to speak to the sexy Brit that has been doing research in the library.  Veronica convinces her to approach him in his favorite section and she gets more than she bargained for.

William’s research has been completed for a while but he continues to come to the library in hopes of catching the librarian’s eye.  His requests are varied in hopes that she will ask him about his research but she doesn’t seem to notice him at all.  He’s ready to go back to England but he’s hoping for an opportunity to stick around awhile longer.

Sara doesn’t think she’s good to attract William because she is just a librarian.  She lacks self-confidence to approach him on her own but with the help Veronica she seeks him out in his normal research section.  She never expected him to feel the same way about her.  He caught her off guard that day, neither one of them expected things to get out of hand so quickly.

The sexual chemistry between the two of them was very hot.  The sex scene in the library was hot and steamy and every book lovers dream.  I loved how William wouldn’t let Sara just walk away either, he wanted more from her than just an interlude in the library.

Part 2:

Veronica is trying to finish her thesis but she can’t stop thinking about Andrew.  She is mad at him because she thinks he’s dating her roommate, what she doesn’t know is that he and her roommate have been friends for years.  He was just trying to help her out and she kissed him right when Veronica walked up.

Andrew doesn’t understand why Veronica won’t talk to him but he is determined to find out.  He invades her personal space at the library and gives her something to think about.  When he takes a trip downstairs for some alone time with his favorite art book, he never expected to have an audience.

The sexual tension between these two was evident from the beginning and when they finally get together fireworks can be seen.  The scene with the art book was perfect; Veronica was torn between watching him and stopping him.

Overall I enjoyed both of these stories and give Lust in the Library 3½ Flaming Hearts. 

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