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Storm Bound

Storm Bound by Alice Gaines
*A review copy of this book was received from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*

Stranded on a steamy tropical island, . . . these three will create their own heat . . .

Christie Lovejoy is normally all business. But when a hurricane bears down on the exclusive resort she’s sharing with two sexy businessmen, it’s time to throw caution to the tropical winds. How often do you find two gorgeous men with the hots for you . . . and the willingness to share?

Wolf Martin and Jon Carlson have been friends for years, and their taste in women has never overlapped . . . until now. Wolf, Jon, and Christie use the luxurious resort to take the kind of sensual journey that only total isolation will allow. But when the storm recedes, will they be ready to leave their island paradise?

Christie is so proud of the fact that the luxury resort is built to withstand a hurricane while continuing to provide its guests the luxury they deserve.  She will do whatever it takes to prove it to Wolf and Jon, including stranding the three of them on the island during a hurricane.  The storm raging outside wasn’t the only storm the three of them would experience while stranded on the island.  Will her snap decision allow her to experience her greatest fantasies or backfire on her and cost her everything?

Jon and Wolf have been best friends and business partners for a long time.  They are visiting the resort looking for investment property, they never expected to both be attracted to the same woman.  They are competitive in everything they do so when opportunity arises, they make a bet to see who will come out on top.

The three of them have instant chemistry so the scenes between them are extremely sexy.  I love the interaction between the three of them, what girl wouldn’t love the attention of two sexy men fighting for your attention.  I have read a lot of ménage books but this one is different; they are all involved in the seduction but their encounters are one on one with some voyeurism & self-gratification mixed in.

There are some sexy scenes in lots of different locations all over the luxury resort.  The kitchen scene was scorching hot and I’ll never look at making pasta the same again.  Another favorite scene was the one on the beach at the end, it was sexy but there was so much more to it than just the sex.  It is obvious that there is something between the three of them that they don’t want to end when they all leave the island.  They know it’s not a conventional relationship and decide to try and find some creative ways to be together.

Overall I enjoyed this scorching hot novella, it definitely competed with the heat outside LOL.  I will definitely be looking for other books by this author and hope there is another one with these characters.  I give Storm Bound 4 Flaming Hearts. 4 Hearts


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