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Between the LinesBetween the Lines by Ivy Bateman
* I received a copy of this book from Breathless Press in exchange for an honest review*

Lara Munroe is perfectly fine with the characters in her books having better sex lives than she does, until the night she meets Devin Monaghan.

When erotica writer Lara Munroe heads down to the ballroom to take part in an extravagant book launch, she has no idea her path will finally cross with political writer Devin Monaghan. He’s smart, sexy, and roguishly handsome, and the chemistry between them is instantaneous. Lara feels her natural guard slip whenever she lays eyes on him. The thought of a night with Devin becomes more than a little distracting.

Devin, who could have any woman in the crowd to share his hotel bed, quickly sets his sights on Lara. He finds her alluring, beautiful, and intoxicating, and his attraction to the erotica writer had started long before their first encounter in the hotel elevator.

Lara and Devin have their careers to think about, a busy evening ahead, and very little chance for verbal communication. However, that doesn’t stop them from coming together. They are both authors, and words are their greatest medium, but even they know that when it comes to figuring out how to get exactly who you want, it could be as simple as reading between the lines.

Laura leaves the sexual exploits up to the characters in her books but just once she would like to let her hair down and have a little fun herself.  While at a book launch party she runs into a fellow writer and sparks fly throughout the night.  Devin has been the center of Laura’s fantasies now he is within her grasp if she is willing to take a chance.

Devin is at the launch party for his new book when he runs into Laura in the elevator.  She is stunning and he is tongue-tied and doesn’t know what to say to her.  He read an article about her in a literary magazine and was intrigued enough to go out and buy some of her books.  While outside for a cigarette, he runs into Laura and things start heating up where she surprises him yet again.

Laura is not typically adventures when it comes to sex, she leaves that up to her characters but when she runs into Devin there is a connection and she wants to take advantage of it for once.  She decides to be a little daring and decides to go commando under her dress, she just never expected things to go the way they did that night.  She is doing things that the characters in her book are usually caught doing, but she is having the time of her life.  He has unlocked something inside of her that has set her free.

Devin is known as the bad boy at their publisher company and never has any problems finding company.  At the party, he is continuously fending off the attention of a buxom red head sitting next to him that can’t take no for an answer.  He only has eyes for Laura and continually steals glances at her throughout the night.  He knows it’s just for the night but hopes that they can continue where they left off in the future, starting with a little conversation.

This was a sexy short story about a woman gaining her sexual freedom and not being afraid of asking for what she wants/needs.  I loved it because they are both writers and they both seemed to be at a loss for words at times throughout the story.  They danced around each other all night until they finally came together and when they did it was magic.

Overall I enjoyed Between the Lines and give it 4 Flaming Hearts. 4 Hearts


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Risking it AllRisking it All (Truth or Dare #5) by Lee Brazil
* I received this ARC free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

After nearly a year, Bastian Grey is growing discontent with the lack of intimacy in his relationship with Rick Claremont. Can an adopted cat be the key to a real relationship?

Fire fighter Sebastian Grey has finally gotten what he’s wanted since he was sixteen: Rick Claremont in his bed. Only now he wants more. Convincing cautious Rick that loving him is a safe bet seems impossible.

Rick Claremont grew up in a hurry and experienced danger and loss early. He’s not sure risking himself on Sebastian is a viable option. The man is gorgeous and the sex is amazing, but Sebastian’s whole life is about taking chances. He throws himself off mountains for fun and runs into burning buildings for work. How can Rick trust this risk taker with his battered heart?

Will the advent of a cat and a corpse into their relationship give Bastian the entrée to Rick’s heart as well as his bed?

Rick has left a hard life and he carries the burden of his past on his shoulders. He keeps his relationships distant and won’t let anyone close to him. Arden Grey saved his life when she offered him a job and his ife has never been the same since. If he doesn’t figure out how to let Sebastian truly into his life, he may lose him forever.

Sebastian Grey has been in love with Rick since he first saw the 15 year old at Arden’s office. He finally has him where he wants him, in his bed, but he can’t seem to win his heart. With the help of a cat, Sebastian is finally getting a glimpse into Rick’s life.

I loved this story. Rick has so much emotional baggage that he is afraid to get close to anyone. He cares for Sebastian, maybe even loves him but he’s afraid to show him. He keeps their relationship distant and impersonal, they meet at a hotel or at Sebastian’s, never his house and they never spend the night together. He is afraid he is going to lose Sebastian because he is such a daredevil, always risking his life on his extreme sports and job as a firefighter.

Sebastian doesn’t know how to win Rick’ heart and his sister is the only person he will let close to him. He can’t continue like this, he needs more of a commitment from him. He loves him and craves the tenderness that Rick shows each time they are together. He has been thinking about their relationship a lot is about ready to give up on them if something doesn’t change.

When Rick adopts a cat, things start to change between him and Sebastian. He begins to let Sebastian into his life a little at a time. He welcomes him into his bed as well as his home and lets him sleep over. Sebastian soon becomes a fixture in his home as well as his personal life.

The added factor of the murder at the hotel and additional family helps to bring the two of them together. I love how accepting Sebastian is of Rick’s past when he finally confides in him. Rick needs Sebastian as much as Sebastian needs him and they are good for each other. Rick keeps Sebastian grounded while Sebastian helps him realize it’s ok to let loose and have a little fun.

This series is a favorite of mine and I look forward to each book. I wasn’t disappointed one bit with this installment either. Overall I really enjoyed Risking it All, book #5 in the Truth or Dare Series and give it 4 Flaming Hearts.  4 Hearts

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Isis CollarThe Isis Collar by Cat Adams
* I received a copy of this book from Tor Publishing in exchange for an honest review*

Celia Graves was once an ordinary human, but those days are long gone. Now she strives to maintain her sanity and her soul while juggling both vampire abilities and the powers of a Siren.

Warned of a magical “bomb” at a local elementary school, Celia forces an evacuation. Oddly, the explosion seems to have no effect, puzzling both Celia and the FBI. Two weeks later, a strangely persistent bruise on Celia’s leg turns out to be the first sign of a magical zombie plague.

Finding the source of the plague isn’t Celia’s only concern. Her alcoholic mother has broken out of prison on the Sirens’ island; her little sister’s ghost has possessed a young girl; and one of Celia’s boyfriends, a powerful mage, has disappeared.

Celia Graves is sent to a local school by a power psychic but she was too late.  Now she is experiencing severe headaches and she is not healing from injuries received from the blast.  With the help of Bruno, Creede and a host of friends, she has to find a cure to save the world from a zombie outbreak before it’s too late.

This is the fourth installment in the Blood Singer series and Celia is faced with yet another problem.  She is injured while trying to save a school full of small children that she can’t seem to recover from.  It turns out it is a magical spell that is turning people into zombies if they don’t get the antidote.

Her mother has escaped from the island and is back in town and Creede is missing, Celia just can’t seem to catch a break.  Fortunately she has the help of friends including Bruno and Rizzoli the evil witch Glinda doesn’t stand a chance.  Unfortunately she isn’t able to save everyone though.

I love Celia’s character.  She is a strong female that takes care of herself but she isn’t afraid to ask for help when needed.  She is constantly having things thrown at her that she has to deal with.  First she is turned into an abomination, then finds out she is part siren and cursed, what’s a girl to do.  Now she is infected with dangerous magical virus that could turn her into a zombie if not taken care of.  She meets every challenge head on but like any other female, has her periods of breakdowns.

She is still struggling with her feelings between Creede and Bruno both bring something different to the relationship.  They are both trying to help figure out what is wrong with her.  She is having painful headaches and her memory is full of holes.  While Bruno gets her to the hospital for the antidote, Creede goes missing because he’s getting too close to Celia’s problem.

We see a lot of familiar faces including Dottie, Dawna, Agent Rizzoli and others.  Each continues to aide Celia in her daily life and helps play a role in helping keep her safe.  Glinda the the evil witch is wreaking havoc left and right aided by an ancient artifact that was stolen by her father.

The story is action packed and fast paced.  I enjoyed the fact that the story arc started in the first book has continued through to this one.  It was fun seeming old friends and watching Celia get out of one scrape after another.  I think there is still too much focus on her meals and the fact that she can’t drink blood.  Overall though, this was a good installment to the Blood Singer series.

I would definitely recommend reading these books in order (Blood Song, Siren Song, Demon Song) for the storyline to make sense and flow.  Overall I give The Isis Collar 3½ Flaming Hearts.  3.5 Hearts

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